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Servant of God Br. Frank Duff
Frank Duff     :    Founder of the Legion of Mary
7th June 1889     :    Francis Michael Duff born (eldest of seven)
Parents     :    Mr. John Duff & Mrs. Susan Duff
Play/Games      :    Cycling, Tennis & Cricket.
18th Year      :    Joined the civil service taking 1st place in the Entrance Exam.
24th Year        :    October 1913 joined the St. Vincent De Paul Society.
Witnessed      :    Poverty, hunger, alcoholism and prostitution.
Reading        :    More spiritual and theological books.
Founded       :    New System of Calculus - later adopted by the Treasury in London.
1914      :    Frank commenced first personal apostolate visitation of houses.
1915     :    Joined the Third order of Carmelites.
1916       :    Wrote a booklet ‘Can we be Saints’ - (God implanted the desire to became a Saint).
1917     :    Read the book, ‘True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary’ written by
St. Louis Marie De Montfort – Legion of Mary born on 7th September 1921 at 100, Francis St., ‘Myra House’ with 15 women, Bro. Frank and  Rev. Fr. Toher, Rev. Fr. Creedon visited a prostitution house and appealed to 31 ladies to abandon their way of Life.  Frank arranged a retreat and 21 ladies moved and faith triumphed.
1932       :    1st International Eucharistic Congress held in Dublin-Frank retired from service to give complete attention our Legion.
1965      :    Frank attended the 2nd Vatican Council as a lay observer, an honour by Pope Paul VI affirmed his work for lay apostalate.
Languages known     :    English, Irish, Latin, French and Greek.
At present      :    Legion spread in 170 countries with 40 million active and 50 million auxillary members.